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Wed, 08 May 1996 20:25:23

Replying to LO7214 --

Maybe these contributions are people slipping the round wheels on
when no-one is looking Scott!!!

>Often the external consultant can uncover these contributions and correct
>the bosses' incorrect perceptions in a tactful way that keeps their egos
>intact while also keeping the business intact. This is true value from a
>consultant, making things happen that could not otherwise based on such
>fundamental organizational blockages.

I was nervous about this way of modelling what external consultants
contribute to organisations. It impled several things to me I am
not sure it intended to imply

1) it sounds quite manipulative - ego massage?
2) sounds like the externals are experts - correcting perceptions
3) are the externals taking sides against the bosses in favour of
the workers?
4) are the consultants in the driving seat - making things happen?
5) should it need the consultants to uncover things - or do people
know them already

I would define the true value of a consultant in other ways...

* establishing and modelling collaborative ways of working
* working with the client to devlop sustainable systems and process
behind - so the issues will not reemerge once you are gone
* ensuring attention is given to the whole system - every
perspective is balanced and one solution does not rebound elsewhere
* developing client commitment so that they are driving and making
things happen because they believe it is possible/doable and

anyone got any others???

Julie Beedon
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