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Dr. Scott J. Simmerman (74170.1061@CompuServe.COM)
09 May 96 12:01:08 EDT

Julie Beedon said in LO7307,

> Maybe these contributions are people slipping the round wheels on
> when no-one is looking Scott!!!

Yep. It's empowerment in action!

She also said (snipped)
> I would define the true value of a consultant in other ways:

> * establishing and modeling ...
> * working with the client...
> * ensuring attention...
> * developing client commitment...

> anyone got any others???

It's also about being objective and distanced to see things as they really
are as well as better communication across the layers.

My favorite / best consulting strategy involved talking to the exemplary
performers (who were doing things differently) as well as talking with the
poor performers / complainers (Naaaaa. Baaaa.) who were quite vocal in
their suggestions for improvement.

With this stuff, plus the Big Picture that senior managers communicated to
me and often not to the organization, how could one NOT succeed in making
(and implementing) good strategies, tactics, and practices. Results were
a no-brainer.

Early on, when I didn't know anything and asked lots of questions, my
results were "outstanding." As I learned more and became an expert, I
gradually stopped doing the asking (to save time and be more efficient)
and I slowly got worse results.

Duh. Only problem is that it took 5 years to recongize it. Too close to
the wagon, I think.

Why use Square Wheels when the round ones are already in the wagon?


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