Collaboration LO7304

Dr. Scott J. Simmerman (74170.1061@CompuServe.COM)
08 May 96 13:37:45 EDT

Replying to LO7253 --

Continuing on Barry's ideas of LO7199,

I would suggest that any organization focused on structurally enhancing
COLLABORATION must have good feedback systems in place that measure those
goals and expectations that align with organizational desired outcomes.
By this I mean the *Real Stuff* and not what accounting or training comes
up with but some really well-thought-out stuff core to the Vision and

Along with this, I believe that these measures (and I know Deming didn't
like measures but they seem important to overall functioning IMO), we need
good, open access to them at every level. The data shouldn't be a source
of individual or group power but a tool for continuous continuous
improvement and organizational alignment.

Most results are Team efforts, so the teams must be engaged and enlisted
in the efforts to improve.

But it ain't easy -- irgo, ego and "My team, My team, My team" stuff.

Why use Square Wheels when the round ones are already in the wagon?


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