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Bill Fulkerson (fulkerson_william_f@90.deere.com)
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Michael McMaster wrote
> Now, if I can, I'll take it farther...Bill himself uses the
> term I am after - "report to"....[which] implies something
> other than "reporting". When, however, "reporting
> to" describes a relationship, there is necessarily built in something
> more than a transactional or committed basis.[snipped by wff]
> Could it be that, at its best (which is not very good), we use
> "reporting to" in place of the doing the work of being clear about
> accountabilities and measures of same?


I use "report to" as a means of recognizing the manner in which I use my
manager as a node in the hierarchy. I spend much of my organizational
existence in roles such as loose cannon, corporate cowboy, out-of-the-box
thinker, and court jester with reasonably wide range of latitude for
choosing and initiating projects.

I value the hierarchy as a source of validation, funding, and restraint.
Yes, I said restraint because I assume that the conservatism of the
hierarchy will mediate some of the excess generated by my free wheeling
ways. I have also commented (privately)on the semi-transparent properties
of the emperors clothes and benefitted from coaching on how to deal with
the hierarchy as well. Not everyone values a high spirited discussion as
we do here on the LO list. :)

So, I truly "report to" my manager with information he needs to know to
help me get my tasks accomplished and to manipulate the antiquated
hierachical reward system to obtain the financial compensation I enjoy. I
benefit from conversations with him and I sometimes add tasks he suggests
to my list.

My manager is a unique person.

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Joe DiVincenzo observed...

>If the word BOSS doesn't belong, does the word manager?

Yes. I value and respect those individuals who have the skill and maturity
to manage organizations while letting leaders lead people. Managers can be
leaders ... leaders need not be managers.

Bill Fulkerson


Bill Fulkerson <fulkerson_william_f@90.deere.com>

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