Learning Org and Capitalism LO7194

A. Paz (lacst20@pop.pitt.edu)
Sun, 05 May 1996 23:00:46 -0500

The Learning Organization and Capitalism: Some Questions.

How would a learning organization define and understand capital? Is=20
the profit motive compatible with a learning organization? Or is=20
learning simply a means to whatever ends one decides to pursue?

My sense is that if the principles of a learning organization are=20
driven by a profit motive that the bottom line will eventually=20
undermine the learning organizations full development. Learning=20
presupposes the values of exploring and questioning underlying=20
assumptions which would almost inevitably lead to a confrontation with=20
the short- and long-term interest of most shareholders.

Is this a limitation of the learning organization or of capitalism? =20
Or is this a non-issue?

Augustine A. Paz

"Philosophy is orthopedics for fractured beliefs."
Jos=E9 Ortega y Gasset

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