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Michel, Christopher J (
Thu, 2 May 1996 15:59:00 -0400 (EDT)

Greeting fellow learners:


Life's experience allow us to view change for many perspectives. My best
example explains change as a continuum with four quadrants.

		uncooperative/unwilling ( NEVER!! )


		natural resistance	( NOT AGAIN!! )		


                               anticipation/apprehension ( NOT NOW!! )

		excitement/acceptance ( FINALLY!! )

What I find interesting is that I may have all four of these perspectives
about change at the same time. To elaborate, I will explain my position on
two personal issues. 1) Once I decide to make a career change such as
pursuing a new job and I have made several major career changes, I am
ready for the change to take place as quickly as possible. My perspective
about the change is that it can't happen fast enough. 2) At the other end
of the continuum, I will never accept the societal pressures of allowing
my twelve-year-old daughter to date. And there is a tremendous amount of
energy expended in maintaining these positions in the continuum.

Those examples were easy. Consider your position and what you perceive as
the position of your fellow associates when organizational changes are
proposed to or "forced upon" your work environment.

Chris Michel


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