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> Date: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 12:31:16 -0400 (EDT)
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> Schools are the way they are because it is what the public wants and/or
> willing to pay for. After all, what was good enough for me should be good
> enough for kids today is a common refrain. Many of us know that education
> needs to change but it will come slowly because of the lack of direction
> from the public.
This is a notion that we must change. I think that makes business
organizations successful, in general, is the fact that they don'yt stop at
what the customer wants and/or is willing to pay for. Business through
innovation, creativity, and advertising make us understand that we need
better products and that we must pay somewhat higher prices for them. IN
education most political speeches begin by the phrase "we need more
resources" to accomplish this and that. Also the history of many school
systems that have been year after year demanding and getting more money,
but the outcomes stay more or less constant, make the whole thing about
change more unacceptable. We also need to rethink a lot of what we are
doing to make a difference, and we might discover that what is needed is
not necessarily more money but more will and inner desire to improve what
we do today.

-- Ivan,


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