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Thu, 2 May 1996 16:14:21 -0400

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Re ".... the percentage of freshmen considered not ready for college work
in 1994..."

Joan Pomo writes: "As we get deeper into the information age, our primary
and high schools are failing us. Who will we have to hire in 10 years?

My thoughts are that these statistics are rather frightening, especially
when you consider that California's prison population has now surpassed
the number of people enrolled in institutions of higher learning. The
prison population itself is largely composed of dropouts and illiterates.
Both the "not ready" statistics and the number of inmates will continue to
grow until a way is found to radicaliy transform a public school system
which utterly fails to awaken students' minds. This is the root of the

Teach students how to learn and research, and inspire them with a vision,
and you will not be able to stop them. This is exactly what we are trying
to do with our grown-up organizations. One of our highest priorities in
this process should be to reach out and do whatever it takes to transform
our educational system into a true "Learning Organization."

Privatization might be a good first step. At the very least it would
quickly flatten out the suffocating layers of administrative parasites
that currently weigh down our public education system.

Ralph Niebuhr
EDS Communications Infrastructure


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