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Sun, 28 Apr 1996 05:34:08 -0400

Replying to LO6983 --

Christine on first reading I liked your message then something made me
pause. You said

>I believe that some people are naturally doers and others
>are naturally thinkers. I believe the strength is in creating
>synergy between the two.

Agreed for the second sentence. The first gives me some concern for it
seems to risk typing people as *naturally* one or the other. I prefer to
see it as something people inherit as part of their 'conditioning in life'
which includes education. School, and life, does unfortunately teach some
to do and others to think [and some to think that thinking is in some way
superior to doing?].

The danger is that we get comfortable exchanging thoughts about thinking
and make wrong doers hence, to paraphrase atrociously, how wrong/ dreadful
etc it is that "they" [Sr managers are a recent example] won't change.

I submit that we should be seeking your synergy in our own actions [as I'm
sure your are]

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