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25 Apr 96 13:00:28

Replying to LO6870 --

" What school is NOT primarily about, is DOING something, with or without
these facts and theories. School does not teach us to do, and since doing
is where we really live, for all of us much of school is irrelevant, even
if we're good at playing the game. Why then do football, and other sports,
and the prom, and socializing with friends, etc, really matter more for
most students? Because they are primarly about DOING, which ultimately is
what really counts."

Regarding Charlie's insights -- I do believe that in the end we must DO
something, we must take action toward a defined end. The key word I use
here is "we." I believe that some people are naturally doers and others
are naturally thinkers. I believe the strength is in creating synergy
between the two. Therefore, I believe our education system needs to focus
both on theory and taking action, and needs to focus on how people
synergize, or team, to combine their natural strengths.


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