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The IntraNet Learning Association(sm)-TILA]

My name is Paul L. Schechter.

I am a consultant/teacher. I have 20 years of experience in consulting
and to a lesser extent, teaching.
I used to be a Big Six Senior Manager.
I have a Masters Degree in Management.
I am a CPA and I am currently working on a certificate in systems

I have a Masters Degree in Organizational Conflict and last year I
founded and was the statewide teacher in Dispute Prevention and
Resolution in the Workplace for the California Society of CPA's.
I was the first person in California to lead a true alternative dispute
resolution change by attempting to catalyze CPA's to provide
an alternative to lawyers as mediators and arbitrators in business
disputes. Whoever said "if you want to understand an organization, try
to change it" was right. Many people talk about change and learning, but
in the end, actions do speak louder than words. Trying to teach people
so that they learn about workplace disputes will provide you with some
great insights about workplace learning. For me it was primarily a pilot
project to test a key hypothesis. This hypothesis was that change and
therefore true learning cannot be led from within. It cannot.

Finally, I have formed The IntraNet Learning Association(sm),TILA, the
goal of which is to bring together people and ideas to discuss ways that
intranets can be used for organizational learning.

If you are interested in being on our mailing list please send me a
ME-Mail(tm) or call. The web site should be up in the near future.

Hope to chat with you soon.

Paul L. Schechter
Tel/Fax (310)274-8247


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