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Tue, 30 Apr 96 7:43:32 MDT

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On Sun, 28 Apr 1996, Paul Schechter wrote:

> Finally, I have formed The IntraNet Learning Association(sm),
> TILA, the goal of which is to bring together people and ideas
> to discuss ways that intranets can be used for organizational
> learning.

I will post Paul a note individually to join his group, but thought there
might be others on this list interested in discussing this topic further.

I have been a member of this list for over a year, but have been "lurking"
and "skimming". I've posted a few notes and may have introduced myself
back then, but things have changed...I've also been busy finishing a
dissertation in adult education (defended April 15!) and taking a course
called Teaching Online through Cybercorp.

Which is why I'm interested in Paul's IntraNet group. I have recently
changed my focus from face to face training (I've been an
education/training consultant since 1988) to online education and
training. I will be teaching a Learning Online course with Cybercorp this
spring and have plans to move into the corporate market to help companies
adapt their training and education to online environments - intranets or

I'm also a big fan of Senge's work (and thus I'm on this list!) and have
been intrigued by how folks implement his ideas. My experience as a
learner in the Teaching Online course has been one of the best of my
educational career (and after a PhD I have spent many dollars and hours in
a classroom!). I'm convinced that proper use of the internet/www (or
intranets) will greatly facilitate the shift to learning organizations.

I don't think I've noticed that particular thread on this discussion list.
Any observations?

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