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> Knowing and doing cannot be one without the other. This is one of the key
> points made repeteadly by Varela and Maturana. Action is embodied
> knowledge and true knowledge requires embodiement.

> According to Nonaka, Senge fails to acknowledge this in his project.

There seem to be two quotes from "The Fifth Discipline" about
learning to ride a bicycle, and I didn't find the best quote. In
talking about using the subconscious, Dr. Senge says,

"This is why practice is so important. For any meaningful interplay
of conscious and subconscious, practice is essential. Conceptual
learning is not enough, any more than it would be for learning a
foreign language or for learning to ride a bicycle. In this context,
tools like microworlds come into their own--as cultural media, as
places to practice thinking and acting systemically."

I also like

"The concert pianist thinks only of the aesthetics of the
performance, not the mechanics."

Yet the hours of practice (me assuming) go before the concert. Both
of the quotes are from chapter 20.

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