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Charlie Holdener (76103.2237@CompuServe.COM)
25 Apr 96 00:21:58 EDT

Replying to LO6870 --

After I sent my original post I realized it was more negative than I had
intended. I do believe there are good things going on in the schools; I
know teachers who are doing them, and my current district I think does
fairly well and is open to doing better.

I also didn't like the tone that implied not valuing "intellectual
knowledge". Then I thought maybe it was "rote knowledge" I didn't like,
but realize I see value there as well. (read: it can have a place) So
maybe my insight was telling/confirming to me that knowledge by itself is
not enough. You must also have action, even if it's to confirm and gain
new knowledge. Or maybe the purpose of the knowledge is to be free to

The cycle for me seems to be something like: Experience, reflect, learn
about experience based on the reflection. Experience (doing) and learning
are both important, but I keep asking which one is more important. .....
Maybe I'm asking the wrong question, from the wrong point of view.....
Maybe they are two sides of the same coin and I am trying to split the

Charlie Holdener


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