Theory of Social Biology LO6988
Thu, 25 Apr 1996 20:53:30 -0700

Replying to LO6969 (nice number) where If Price writes, stimulating as ever
and referring to the net ventures;


>I hesitate to call it a life form because I see no replicator at its core
>no Internet Meme or Gene.
>If Price

I was surprised to read your opinion on the meme-web-meme net theme. If
the net is not a lifeform it certainly is a meme methinks.

Dont miss out on the greatest meme and mememaker (locus of self
organization) to emerge in the of language. Remember memes emerge in
language ( and language in minds). That web is essentially linguistic.

Stick to you convictions on the diversity of memes and their sources and
the power of emegent sel f organization.

This meme-web net will evolve into new organizations of the living and
their memes; it has already changed us, new organizations (such as lits,
directories, search engines etc.) have emerged which will replicate and

Hold on to your hat during the changes this web of memes will bring to us
and to our memes, and the possibilities.

Roberto Reichard

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