What's in a name? Boss? LO6987

Bill Fulkerson (fulkerson_william_f@90.deere.com)
Thu, 25 Apr 1996 22:08:48 -0500

This may be a new thread or just part of the discusion on leadership.

I marvel at the frequent use of the word BOSS in this list. My preference
is to use the term manager to describe the person to whom I report in the
hierachical organization.

My manager respects this preference. He once commented (to me alone and
with good satirical humor)that the current societial norms diminish the
sense of ownership in both business and marriage. :>) <grin> ;>}!
DISCLAIMER: That was his gentle way of acknowledging my preference not a
slam at any person.

Others give me the impression that I am over doing a small point. I don't
think so. The word BOSS doesn't belong in and around conversations about
autonomy, empowerment, accountability, leadership, followership...

Incidently, read Robert Kelley on leadership and followership. He did an
article in HBR within the last couple of years on developing project
champions at ATT Bell Labs. I'm at home so I can't find the references.
He is great one-on-one.


Bill Fulkerson wf28155@deere.com

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