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RE: A general theory of Social-biology: Synergy of fission-

The Internet is the newest and most open synergy system; a new
cultural life form in the evolution of the species. The Internet
works because of cooperation by thousands of developers and users
exchanging information. It is also a battle for territory among
tribes ( Microsoft and Netscape, the telephone companies, cable,
computer companies ). This creative tension is driving and
pulling the culture into a new round of cultural evolution. There
will be more losers than winners - (losers are the middle people
with territorial dependencies that can be replaced; local banks,
insurance, travel agencies, school information services,
specialty shops: winners are the global enterprises that can
bypass the middle-people in the distribution process ) that's the
way it works.

Social-biological science is the foundation for business,
economics, political science, management, education, psychology,
sociology and anthropology; the understanding of ourselves and
others. Mostly social science has become descriptive without a
solid base but comprising thousands of "theories" or fads. The
movement of the planets is not a "theory" or is evolution a
theory but an observation. The underlining reasons, causes, "the
why" is theory, for better or worse, based on these observations.
The shortest and clearest theory, that covers the most
observations, has clear advantages to our understanding (
knowledge = ( observations, information ) + understanding the
connections and making a mental map of the territory. ). The
theory of creative tension works across all social and behavioral
sciences, from monkeys to congresspersons ( but I repeat myself)


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