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Wlliam Hobler writes

I think that the philosophies of the Eastern world have a great deal to
offer 'self evident truths' (SETS). Perhaps a review of Houston Smith's
work is warranted. Certainly contributions from people more familiar
than I with the truths of Islam, Buddha, Confucius, and the Hindu
traditions would assist in discovering a more universal set of SETS

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As one part of the SET enquiry I have complete agrement with this. How can
we access those truths? [My own offering - offline- is to discuss the
issue with a friend/ colleague who stands WRT his islamic heritage roughly
where I stand WRT my Christian one]

My other reflection is that none of those religions mentioned - any more
than Tao, Christianity, Judaeism, and maybe capitalism or communism are -
at one level - more than SETs that seized a lot of people's imaginations
[I write only for me here].

One part of me says 'we don't want this religion stuff. It leads to who is
right and who is wrong and the world just is: it was not created"

The other part of me says 'without a code of shared beliefs to enable a
civilisation why aspire to any moral values at all?'

It is deep for a Sunday evening message but I think I am saying 'There is
no god' but can we declare one into existence if we invite enough people
into the conversation? [i.e. respect all the traditions you mention
William]. This is tilting at too many windmills. Comments anyone?

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