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Do you really think that senior managers in most organizations will really
change as a result of their encounter with LO theory? I think not. I'm
afraid that they will skim the work of Senge, Marsick and others and do
with LO what so many did with reengineering- read half the book and don't
follow through with sincere reflection on the consequences of their

Any ideas?
Ray LaMann

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Ray I agree with the proposition as written. Now you can 'blame' [make
wrong] 'senior managers', you can blame/ make wrong the theory or you can
question the assumption that by receiving the theory as a 'recipe' senior
managers should change. It took me about 4 painful years from seeing the
theory as a brilliant revelation to realising that it was - while still
brilliant - a rationalisation on the world.

My idea is get out there and create different conversations for different
results and leave off the theory until someone says 'hey this works -
why'. My idea is also to quit making senior managers wrong or being
righteous in feeding them answers [which does not devalue my belief in and
commitment to those answers]

Ray - or anyone else - I can try and tell stories of how I came to see it
this way but mail or call me off list.

If Price
The Harrow Partnership
Pewley Fort Guildford UK


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