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>If you are referring to "leading edge" companies (in values, environmental
>concern, and so forth), then perhaps you are right that a few companies
>would be doing that in the next five years. I think some are doing it
>now. We are trying to. But if you are referring to large-scale
>participation in organizational design from the ground up, I would tend to
>doubt it.
>One of the many issues we still have not wrestled to the ground is the one
>If and I have been talking about. What are the self-evident truths that
>everyone can agree on? They are not clear today.
>For example, an environmentally concerned company wonders whether they
>should use paper bags or plastic. Assume for the moment those are the
>only choices..... rest snipped

I can see that there would be a way through this with large scale whole
system participation - at the moment one or two people (possibly a group)
wrestle with issues like this - what I have seen emerging when the whole
system wrestles with it in meaningful ways is that we do not have to
assume that these are the only choices - I have also seen patterns
emerging in being involved with this work with a diverse range of
organisations and that is that common ground *does* emerge which people
can agree on (and interestingly enough a lott of the common ground is
common across different organisations) and synergies previously unthought
of emerge from the interaction of such diverse groups focusing on the
future rather than problem solving the present...

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