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Very interesting when Marion wrote:

> I might add to "my story" the widely shared view locally that the
>money-oriented individual at the top of this particular (and particularly
>corrupt) organization has an _exceedingly_ poor self concept, and that the
>money isn't really the bottom line drive in his case.
> Saying that, it reminded me of the long-held view that spiraling
>wage demands may sometimes be driven by unrecognized needs unrelated to

On another list I'm participating in (on Leadership), we have a thread
going on "Partnership with Unions." We're discussing (at best), are
unions the result of lack of leadership? Do unions "add value" or
could/should they be replaced by management cum leadership in the
organization? (For those who are on both lists, this is my
characterization of what some are trying to say.)

When I think of unions, I think of "spiraling wage demands" that cause
increased costs to be borne by the customer, to the point in some cases
where the price of goods exceeds the value received, based on personal
experience. I've always believed if management/leadership valued their
employees and took care of them as well as they expect machines to be
cared for, there would be no need for unions. Therefore, unions exist and
demand higher wages when they have to put up with the abuses of injustice
in the workplace. Therefore, they look for compensation in the form of
spiraling wages...maybe.

So, to reattach with this thread, are unions still a valid a process for
"attacking" the injustices in the workplace? What are or were the
"unrecognized needs" "spiraling wage demands" are trying to appease?
Who/what should be addressing these needs? Do we need additional
organizations to designed to resolve injustice? Or might we be able to
instill the sense of responsibility necessary in "leadership" to correct
injustice, at least in the workplace?

More questions,


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