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Marion Brady (
Tue, 16 Apr 1996 15:30:18 -0400 (EDT)

Replying to LO6650 --

Rol says:

"Barry, building on Marion's story, has taken us to the next level of
understanding about why people don't attack injustice. He says "Money
destroys justice.

"We are now moving forward. My next question is WHY does money destroy

I might add to "my story" the widely shared view locally that the
money-oriented individual at the top of this particular (and particularly
corrupt) organization has an _exceedingly_ poor self concept, and that the
money isn't really the bottom line drive in his case.
Saying that, it reminded me of the long-held view that spiraling
wage demands may sometimes be driven by unrecognized needs unrelated to
Maybe progress in "attacking" (I heard you, Michael) injustice
requires addressing personal needs that are deeper than those from which
the injustice seems immediately to stem.
Incidentally, Rol was a little concerned about the relevance of
this discussion to LOs. I'd say it's right on. Certainly a college
should be an LO. In a discussion involving several faculty in the parking
lot of the college to which I referred, the view was unanimous that the
school is not an organization, and that no matter the quality of
leadership that comes in when this administration ends, the negative
effects of this regime will continue for many, many years.

Marion Brady



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