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> I think we should all revolt and tell this Rick person that he hass
>no right to censor ANYTHING - if this were an academic setting a posse
>would be formed by now!
> Ray LaManna Columbia Univ.

That's why many of us prefer not to work in academia any longer. It was my
experience that many of those involved ever got anything done - debate
after debate after debate, etc. - "deeds not words" should be the motto
for the day. That is also the reason I recently dropped out of two other
discussion groups I was in. I really didn't need to hear (read) irrational

The basic premise of dialogue is that we suspend our judgements and open
our view to HEAR others and to examine our own prejudices. And to _learn_
we can't do that if we are blinded by our presuppositions.


J.C. Dixon Jcds@aol.com

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