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I've had Es [emails] from several of you wanting to know more about the
Sue Miller Hurst program that I mentioned last week - Here's the scoop.

The intensive I took with Sue was a 6 1/2 day facilitator training for
those interested in learning more about dialogue.

Sue is an intense and sincere woman. Her expertise in dialogue has made
her one of the leaders in the field and the expert on the team that did
the research for the _Fifth Discipline_ by Peter Senge and her role as
advisor the the Center for Organizational Learning at MIT.

Although I am a certified Gestalt practitioner and most of the group were
folks who had done considerable personal work (one of the criteria for
participants), Sue's methods reached deep into all of us (mostly corporate
leaders, consultants and a few educators) to pull up more than we thought
existed. One of the significant things that we learned was that if folks
learn how to dialogue there will be little need for this multi-billion
dollar industry known as "training and development"

The program was not opened to everyone. Sue has specific criteria for
those who were interested in attending and the program I attended was by

If you want more information, you might drop her a line at P.O. Box 1166,
DelMar, CA 92014 or fax 619-943-7518 asking to be put on her mailing list.
I think she is doing an intensive this month sometime in CA but don't know
what the rest of her calendar looks like for the year. Sue does much work
with individual corporations - The second program I attended was an
internal program at AT&T, right here in NJ.

Glad to be able to pass this on.- Jo

[Host's Note: Sue is terrific in my book! I've only seen her in shorter
segments, talks at Pegasus conference, for example. If you find an agenda
with her on it, go! ... Rick]

J.C. Dixon
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