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11 Apr 96 13:12:42 EDT

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>From: (GSCHERL)
>..... about the six skills
> needed by the software industry have nothing to do with the
> technology. The majority of people shouldn't have to know how a PC or
> Fax works, just as they don't know how a microwave works. ..

I would hope the executives producing microwaves understand how
they work - otherwise why would they ever invest in shielding. How
will they plot their future direction? Naturally, leadership skills
at one level do not need detailed knowledge. Yet all the truly
great companies have leaders who really are grounded in their
business. Gates wrote compilers, Sculley sold Pepsi. Where has
Sculley (and Apple!) gone since he took over as Apple CEO???

> I'd add two more skills, not directly indicated in the previous six:
> 7. Able to identify track and meet goals and deadlines.
> 8. Can present ideas and concepts clearly in both private and
> group settings.
> What concerns me is none of these skills are dealt with in the school
> ................. They fail their way to success.

In my experience, it is impossible to jump the learning curve through
book learning or other means. Failing the way to success is called
moving up the learning curve. People that don't fail are just operating
so far from the edge of opportunity that the failure is only apparent
from the outside.

Have you noticed how passionate I am on this?? More food for


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