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Keith Cowan (72212.51@CompuServe.COM)
11 Apr 96 13:12:39 EDT

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>.... We may need to change education, but first we need to change people to
>increase comfort with ambiguity (including teachers).
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The issue of ambiguity is at the core of the difficulties with education
IMHO. The teachings of Plato and Newton pointed to a single answer to the
most difficult areas. The school system continues with the "right" answer,
and many highly creative people like Einstein and Franklin had difficulty
with that system.

The Newtonian view of our world was the "right" answer until Quantum
physics blew it apart. Now many want to believe that the Quantum
explanation is the right and final answer. Just as the primitive people
had to invent easy explanations for everything (remember the "god of
thunder"?), we all want to know "the answer".

All education can hope to establish is a common ground from which we can
discover the emerging truths, and (here is the departure) develop a
framework and thinking process that encourages this continuous


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