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Peg Duncan said in LO6511 -- was: Intro -- Peg Duncan

> In the second I'm lost in the sea
> of organizational resistance to the sharing of information based on the
> fear that credit for their brilliant piece of analysis will be diluted.

Maybe there's benefit to saying, how can data sharing be accomplished
in a way that preserves the record of people's work? I like the idea
of allowing people who have something to say to say it, but when
dialogue doesn't solve problems or produce products, then it seems
fair that those who managed, did the work, and improved the process
should be acknowledged. Yet in a network environment, who could say
"this thought is mine alone"? My own comments respond to what was
said in the quote above.

The main point is that if people are concerned about receiving credit
for their work and there is merit in them being credited for their
work, maybe the data sharing should be designed so that there is a
record of who did what. Version control systems provide a means of
keeping record of the phases of a programming project, though the
method might seem too much for document control.

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