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10 Apr 96 23:32:33 EDT

Replying to LO6542 --

Terri Deems explained a couple of reasons why people do not attack
injustice. In the interests of focus I describe them very briefly, but her
full quote is below.

a) self-protection. Don't get involved.

b) lack of understanding how a situation is unjust.

c) lack of connection to those being mistreated.

Remembering that this discussion originated with the view that people
always do what makes the most sense to them, I guess I would be tempted to
rephrase the second two options as being, that people do not attack
injustice because they b) don't see it as a big issue, or c) don't see it
as having any impact on them.

In the spirit of further probing what I think is a difficult issue, I
would love to hear some people tell us WHY

a) Why People feel a need for self-protection.

b) Why people don't see injustice as being injustice.

c) Why people don't think injustice to someone has any impact on them.

These are not easy questions, they are very difficult. The answers, to extent
there are any, lie at the heart of ability to achieve continuous improvement in
this whole area of injustice.


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