Business/Education Disconnect LO6588
10 Apr 1996 22:36:24 EDT

Replying to LO6571 --

I'm voicing my agreement with David. It is becoming more and more
important for business and education to team up.

The work force we have know is changing. There is more of a demand for
basic skills than previously. There is a need for advanced skills,
more now than we have ever seen and more so in the future.

Butch Whisnant

LE> Barry Mallis's efforts sound wonderful. As an educator working
LE>with businesses, I agree that we need to break down the walls and build
LE>shared experiences which can then be used to sustain partnerships using
LE>business, not for dollars, but as members of the school community with
LE>expertise and knowledge that can support student and teacher learning. In
LE>Vermont, both as part of our school to work plans and as part of our
LE>systemic reform of science, mathematics and technology teaching and
LE>learning, we have a growing employer/teacher summer internship program.
LE>Teachers spend six weeks in the summer working for the business applying
LE>their skills (and learning new ones) to a project that the business needs.
LE>They then build a curriculum project with the business contact(s) for
LE>implementation in the classroom.

LE> These have been very successful and a great way to get
LE>cross-cultural communication going in support of quality learning.
LE> (David Marsters)


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