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Mon, 08 Apr 1996 07:13:28 -0700

- Describe your experience with the learning organization concepts

My encounter with the concepts of learning organizations began when I was
researching groupware, and while this is still my main focus, I am
fascinated by the ideas being generated - and the techniques that are
flowing from those ideas - on how to keep people open and receptive to new
ways of thinking.

- Say something about the questions you have, what you are curious

I am interested in practical applications in two areas: teaching, in
particular, how to break out of the box of conventional thinking, even in
simple things such as multiplication; and in effective communication
within workgroups. In the former I've been inspired (what a hifalutin'
phrase!) by James Burkes' work on TV. In the second I'm lost in the sea
of organizational resistance to the sharing of information based on the
fear that credit for their brilliant piece of analysis will be diluted.

If anybody has any advice, especially on the latter, I'd be vry grateful
to hear.

Peg Duncan
IT Architectures
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Ottawa, Canada


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