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Well since you are in SF, you maybe able to use "The Relaxation & Stress
Reduction Workbook" Davis, Eshelman, and McKay. ISBN 0-934986-04-5 New
Harbinger Publications, 2200 Adeline Oakland if your bookstore says it's
out of print go to New Leaf Catalog from Atlanta - it is in print as are a
lot of other useful but older books - The contents include body awareness,
relax, breath, meditation, imagination, autogenics, assertiveness, time
management, nutrition, which are so important to individual and collective
health. Students and workers can't learn if they don't breath, can't
focus if they eat sugar, can't relate if they can't center and panic from
illusions and false fears. It's so clear and so strange that the exercise,
diet, mental attitude all go together. Jump time folks - sing and dance.

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