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Keith Cowan (72212.51@CompuServe.COM)
10 Apr 96 12:34:01 EDT

Replying to LO6530 -- was: Intro -- Kathy Burnett

>..."organizational healing". I seem to remember a comment using this phrase
>earlier this year (or last fall?). Would anyone here have any
>comments/ideas you could share with me to start us off on our project?
>Kathy Burnett -

There are a number of HR consulting firms that deal with 'healing'. The
basic premise is that the survivors grieve for the loss of coworkers for
many months and are angry at 'they' who are responsible. In a very real
sense, the executives have failed the organization when they have to
resort to downsizing. So the grieving is because of the empty desks and
the pain that they saw in their (former) coworkers, and the anger is aimed
at 'they' who are responsible.

Recommendations include the passage of time followed by lots of
communications regarding the positive future for the company and making
opportunities for two-way Q&A sessions. I have been one of 'them' and one
of 'us' in 20% and 15% downsizing situations, respectively. The process of
healing takes about 18 months provided there is NO threat of another
round. Comments? ....Keith


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