Intro -- Kathy Burnett LO6530
Mon, 8 Apr 96 22:58 PST

I've been a subscriber of the digest now for a number of months and now
have a question I'd like to share with this group. I'm in a Master's
program in Organization Development through the University of San
Francisco. In a current project a group of us are looking at
"organizational healing". I seem to remember a comment using this phrase
earlier this year (or last fall?). Would anyone here have any
comments/ideas you could share with me to start us off on our project?
What would organizational healing be? How would it work? What would need
to occur? I think we're looking at this concept in relation to not only
dysfunctional organizational processes, but also what is needed following
down-sizing or other organizational restructuring programs. Any
comments/thoughts/ideas will be appreciated. So far I've learning quite a
bit from this group. Many thanks in advance.

Kathy Burnett


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