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Replying to LO6500 --

Rol, there is a thread in your response that I think contains some
gold for our problems, the challenges to support our organisation
design aspirations.

Rol says, "One of the many issues we still have not wrestled to the
ground is the one If and I have been talking about. What are the
self-evident truths that everyone can agree on? We have not found
them yet."

I think that they do not exist and the search for them is leading us
down paths that defeat us. What I'm looking for in my designs is
structures and processes that keep interative dialogue going, that
explore possibility, and from which emerges deeper understanding.

The need for agreement is not present in what I've said. The value
of agreement is not implied. Rather, the richness of differences in
dialogue, interplay, connection is the source of new futures.

This, also, is not a "fundamental truth upon which we should agree".
It is an interpretation, an approach and a personal commitment that
seems to enable me and others to go beyond where we are to new levels
of satisfaction and performance.

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