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Rol Fessenden (76234.3636@CompuServe.COM)
11 Apr 96 22:22:43 EDT

Replying to LO6557 -- was Issues/Trends in Mgmt Dev't

I like what you are saying Michael that self-evident truths do not exist.
At one level I agree. However, as a motivator toward directed joint
action, there is nothing like agreement on visionary outcomes to drive
action. While I agree that self-evident truths do not exist in any
absolute sense, I believe at the same time that self-evident truths "in
the moment" are of great value. By pursuing the actions that result from
belief in these self-evident truths, we will learn something which will
cause us to change our SETs -- perhaps for the better.

Many people have expressed that corporations have violated some principles
in laying people off. When people express this, they are implying that
there are self-evident truths about how corporations should behave.
Probably there is a belief that certain behaviors are 'good' for society
or for individuals. Personally, I believe that there are boundaries within
which responsible corporations do operate. Legal boundaries and ethical
boundaries are more or less well-defined, but I would like to believe
there are boundaries defined by responsible behavior as well. I would
like to believe they are lofty boundaries -- boundaries that challenge to
levels of behavior we do not yet know how to achieve -- but at least some


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