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Isn't John Galt the hero of an Ayn Rand - book ? The speech by this
character is vital to understanding the individualism tradition - and like
many things partly true. Collectives, big organization, governments in
controlling individuals makes them less than human. The free spirit of
"creation" and being the best you can be - is important. We just need to
keep some balance here.

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The "natural world" was 'doing its thing' long before and after
the dinosaur as well. I still find no distinction between natural
and human and find the distinction, in fact, distasteful.

How do you draw such a distinction? Lewin showed that apes use tools,
birds, bees, and beavers create buildings. All of these urinate in their
living environment. Chimpanzees take drugs and at least the one in
Ohklahoma smokes cigarettes and drinks Budweiser (beer).

IMHO, regarding mankind as anything other than natural is a dangerous
oversimplification than tends to *seperate* rather than *join*.

Hal Popplewell
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