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Tue, 9 Apr 96 14:23 EST


GaltJohn replied to my distinctions of natural world and human world. He
asked, " How do you draw such a distinction ?" He went on to say that
monkeys use tools, drink beer , etc.

My inference from that statement was that for him monkeys and humans
engaged in the same activities. I agree that there are many similarities,
between human beings and other animals, we all share the same evolutionary
journey. The distinction I make, I wrote in my previous reply, but perhaps
GaltJohn did not read it or understood it or agree with it.

So, here is the distiction, For us Human beings, "Our biology and nervous
system shows that our uniqueness of being human is our social structural
coupling that occurs through languaging. ".

We are linguistic beings. This is so transparent to us, that we take
language for granted. What we are doing in the LO digest is languaging,
but it is often taken for granted. The ideas being shared take on a
primary attention.

Michael McMaster has a quote in his book The intelligence advantage, in
his section on language, that speaks to this transparency.

Manuel Manga


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