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Replying to LO6426 --

I find that the length of the posting does not necessarily have a
correlation to the richness of the story. In our work, we encourage
people to resist the tradtional temptation to "run on," but instead ensure
that the "story" is rich and articulates the behaviors that are evident
over time. This gives the reader the ability to help understand the
relationships that are present. In addition, we have found that having
the story be accompanied by the appropriate loops can increase learning in
an organization. We are currently working with the Southeast Wisconsin
Organizational Learning Consortium in this effort. At each meeting, one
of the participant members relates the "story" of their organization. As
the story is being told, the behaviors over time are being identified, as
are the causal relationships that are present in the story. The process
has three learning objectives: 1)give the "story teller" the opportunity
to access different perspectives as to the dynamics that are present in
their organization; 2)gives the participants the ability to better learn
how to apply BOT's, loops, archetypes, LHC's, and LOI's as a way of
understanding organizational dynamics; and 3)gives the participants who do
not use the tools, the ability to learn them. After each meeting, the
story and accompaning tool outputs are published in a learning format for
the participants. A powerful way to "cut through" all the talk. I would
be very supportive of seeing this activity spread to the list.

[Host's Note: "BOT's" are, I think, "behavior over time" graphs. In other
words, a time plot of the behaviors/data. ... Rick]

>Replying to LO6393 --
>We all have different styles. I am seldom interested in short posts as
>the depth and development are missing for.

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