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[Subject line changed by your host. Ned had "Search&CommunityQuality"]

On finding search and community web page

sjlux@maxwell.syr.edu (Steven J. Lux)
To: paretokid@aol.com
>I am interested in the two citations you recommended to Alan Mossman
concerning search >strategies. Specifically you mentioned an article about
the Macatawa Area by Frank >Heckmann and another by Merrelyn Emery about
community searches in Australia, both in >the Journal for Quality and
Participation (Vol 18 #7 December 1996).

I just wanted to let you know I figured out how to get the materials. For
whatever reason http://newciv.org/worldtrans/comqual.html does not appear to
be a valid address. When I linked to http://newciv.org/ I found my way to
the Index of Web Pages and retrieved the articles. They look great. >
(end of quoted msg)

To: Steve and others who may be trying to get to search and community
quality articles at


Steve's strategy to get to them works (try http://newciv.org/ first and
then go to the community qu
ality page).

The address I put up is correct, but... As I move around the WWWeb, I have
found that during busy periods many web browsers can't find pages that are
two or three pages into another one. So the best strategy when looking for
a web page during peak periods is to do just what Steve did, go for front
page which is usually that which is between http://xxxxx.xxx/

[Host's Note: I've verified the full address the Ned gives; it works
for me, tonight. ...Rick]


Ned Hamson ParetoKid@aol.com

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