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Sat, 6 Apr 96 06:33:52 UT

Replying to LO6357 --

Winfried, I like your interpretation of the list of 'leadership'
expressions. They really are a summary of qualities of a human being.

Personally I have been very interested in the areas of mindfulness and
awareness lately. In fact I am a bit disconcerted with the emphasize on
Learning. I too often run into people who feel they need to Learn before
they can start living or doing what they would like to do. I think people
are already whole and complete, and could benefit from just taking a deep
breath, looking around themselves and live (or manage, or produce, or
create, or build, or whatever). Then as they proceed, and find that there
are specific Learning that could help them along towards the specific
goals they try to reach, THEN they can go find the answer to those

A lot of the LEARNING discussion implies that we are not ready to start,
that we need to learn first. I say we are already ready. We are already
doing things. We live, and we work, and we play and interact with people.

Besides, I think it is prudent to remember that we can only LEARN that
which we are already ready to learn. We can only LEARN what makes sense to
us at the time.

So what would our days look like if we were more concerned about what our
next step or action will be, rather than mentally waiting until we get



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