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Trond Sjovoll wrote:
>Last Tuesday I facilitated a brain-writing exercise on 'Leadership' and
>What a leader is' with about 20 leaders and middle managers at one of my
>In about 15 minutes the group come up with almost 160 expressions of what
>leadership is to them.
>Please don't look at the list as THE Answer to what Leadership is. It is
>merely an interesting expression by a group of leaders and middle managers
>of what to them collectively consitutes leadership. Please enjoy the list,
>and be inspired by it.

What struck me is that the list as a whole looks like a summary of
qualities of the 'ideal balanced human being'. The summerized qualities
are imho general human qualities. What is so special about these qualities
in the context of leadership? Just change the word 'leader' into
'teacher', 'mother', 'father', brick-layer, gas-inspector, 'trainer' or
'consultant', and everything fits in there as well!

What would have happened if you had asked: "What is a human being? What is

Perhaps this list expresses everybodies silent collectiv wish to be(come)
such an ideal balanced person themselves? So 'better' leadership is not an
end but a means to become a 'better' person?

Your posting made me aware of the responsabillity I carry and inspired me
to give attention once again to the questions: "What do I learn people and
why? With what purpose am I learning this or that to people? What
motivates me?

greetings from snowy, far too cold Holland.

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