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On 2 Apr 1996, Keith Cowan wrote:
> >Therefore, it appears to me that the best way to reduce the short-term
> >mindset of publicly-held companies is to develop management compensation
> >packages that reward long-term profit performance, and are not tied to
> >stock performance.

> There is a body of thought that people come with different time horizons
> (my apologies for not remembering the references but I am intuitive) and
> that there are
> - historical 30%
> - present 30%
> - future 30%
> - linear 10%
> and that 90% of executives get chosen because of their present tense
> capabilities. Only those that happen to be linear (10 of 40% at best)
> would be interested in anything to do with genuine long term future and
> these would probably do it in spite of the compensation system. They would
> also be the only ones likely the slightest bit interested in creating an
> LO. Our challenge is to find those few and nurture their interests in the
> future. Food for thought? ...Keith

I think Rodger Bailey came up with those numbers, he's on the list.

So, I guess you have lots of present capabilities, hence your selection
as interim CEO :). That's what the data seems to show.

The good think, is that those numbers change with the contexts or scope
or areas of business or sectors of the economy so there isn't really a
"few" people, there's just people that operate with those numbers for
different contexts.

For example, I think a manufacturing company CEO would have different
numbers for different contexts than a video game company CEO.

So the tricky part is managing the complexity involved in finding those
"few" for different areas or types of businesses. An even trickier part is
managing the complexity involved in generating those operating parameters
for different contexts to engage in different types of businesses in
different sectors of the economy.

So my challenge to you is, can you find a way to become interim CEO of
a company in a totally different business area, sector of the economy?

Andrew Moreno


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