Missing IT? Getting IT! LO6451

Hays, Joe (HAYS@volpe1.dot.gov)
Fri, 05 Apr 96 16:42:00 EST

Interesting blurbs (ref: LO6408 and LO6393, "Missing It.")

Folks suggest deleting or avoiding reading LO messages relates to their
length, and that shorter messages are desirable.

I, on the other hand, am guilty of disregarding the short ones. I really
appreciate the effort people go to to assemble their thoughts and convey
them meaningfully, at length, and in detail.

I understand that length does not necessary correlate with completeness or
soundness of thought, and some of us write as we speak: verbosely.
Nevertheless, the time and effort expended are much valued. I especially
value the messages that summarize, synthesize, and integrate a number of
points of view and a sequence of messages. I often pull these messages
off and share them with colleagues in my self-organizing group and with my
students. The reason I have not added anything as of late is because I am
extremely taxed and feel unable to do contributions justice.

The empowerment thread has been very significant, as has been
deliberations on leadership. I look forward to responding to some of
these conversations in the near future, and putting my own two cents in.



"Hays, Joe" <HAYS@volpe1.dot.gov>

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