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Keith Cowan (
05 Apr 96 19:07:20 EST

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>...When you spend years thinking through complex situations you have a
>clearer conception of that situation than you may be able to convey in
>words. Or at least you _think_ you have a clearer conception. Only
>through the after-the-fact conversation can the manager reconnect with the
>ambiguities they struggled through.
> Rol Fessenden - LL Bean -

I have found that the quality of the output of an empowered group
is directly related to the amount of detail spelled out in the desired
outcome you are requesting and that spending the time ensuring there
is a high level of understanding and buy-in to that outcome pays
handsome dividends.

The most difficult part of running an empowered group is avoiding
that natural desire to dictate HOW the job should be done (the way
I did it!) and keep focus on the outcome. I was amazed at how the
empowered folks came up with better HOWs than I ever did and
produced the desired outcome often with other added benefits.

Everyone wins in this mode but it sure is a major change. The
manager spends more time communicating and understanding the
people but the quality of both work environment and output
show the positive results! Most managers are afraid to change
because they feel threatened by the change and by the power that
is unleashed in their people....Keith


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