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5 Apr 1996 08:59:53 -0500

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Here's another model which I present in my High Performance Teams course.
I'll refer to it as the Facilitation Continuum. It offers a model on how,
and how much to intervene in team proceedings of you are a facilitator
(not the team leader).

The Y-axis of amount of "facilitator involvement" connects to the X-axis
of "team ability". That ability will depend on how well the team contract
is developed; the skill level of the team; the skill level of the team
leader; the likelihood issues can be resolved; and team independence and
performance in general.

Here are five points on the continuum, corresponding in order from lower
team ability to high team ability:

1. Tell/show
2. Recommend
3. Prompt/Question
4. Share Observations
5. Observe and Discuss later

I'll use some of Julie's thoughts to add more perspective to my
instruction. Thank you, Julie.

Best regards,

Barry Mallis

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