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Fri, 5 Apr 1996 06:01:29 -0800 (PST)

Replying to LO6378 --

While I agree that a degree only means expertise at some point, and
usually that point is at least a couple of years behind the cutting edge
[until we get internet publishing really off the ground], some of its
value added includes (a) knowing what questions to ask - often more
important than the answers, (b) exposure to lateral thinking, the opposite
of which is tunnel vision, (c) knowing how and where and when to look for
further information, (d) developing the ability to evaluate (e) in
advanced degrees, self-direction.

There is almost nothing there that you can't get with experience. In
fact, you need experience even with a degree, or the knowledge gets stale.
Everyone with degrees needs to keep up. Maybe if degree holders get
stale, that says something about the work they are assigned, and about
senior management having the good sense to delegate. Otherwise, I think
the skills listed contribute to learning organizations.

If we were all machines, technical knowledge is all we would need.

Lyle Courtney


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