Maintaining Momentum LO6433

05 Apr 96 10:26:41 EST

Replying to LO6374 -- Was Intro -- Phil Ramsey


this is primarily is response to point #2. one of the most important part
of any system is to come up with measurement parameters, and systems to
measure those factors. this usually assume the course has a purpose upon
its beginning, but if it does not it should be one the agenda items to
develop a goal/purpose and thereafter to to agree upon measurement
factors. as well as assigning roles for tracking those factors and
distributing htem back to the group. we can't tell if we're winning if we
don't keep score (not that this has to be competitive, just achievement

bob savage
monoky associates

[Host's Note: Phil Ramsey's question #2 was:

>2. How to help individuals and teams maintain momentum in the area when
>they return to their work environments after courses. Typically our
>courses are for collections of individuals; occasionally for natural work




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