Issues/Trends in Mgmt Dev't LO6413

Dr. Scott J. Simmerman (
04 Apr 96 11:27:48 EST

Our ASTD Management Development Forum is looking for diverse and
global thoughts around two simple questions:

1) What are the trends facing management development during the next 5

2) What are the issues (and concerns) of management development during
the next 5 years?

Any data and ideas and input on these two would be most appreciated.
It is my task to take the thoughts, categorize them into some
communicatable (qualitative and maybe quantitative) framework,
illustrate them with cartoons if possible, and present the data at the
June international conference at our MD Forum's business meeting. I
will also be posting the results and writing an article that ASTD will
publish in its Forum communications newsletter.

Any input will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

For the Fun of It!


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