Learning theory in workplace LO6414

Christine Ashlock (cashlock@usa.net)
Thu, 4 Apr 96 08:57:35 EST


I am a graduate student in library science compiling an annotated
bibliography of theories of learning or training in the workplace:
everything from learning styles, motivation, organizational
structure,etc. In my search for resources, I stumbled on your webpage.
Do you know of any resources you could suggest for me that are
I would appreciate any advice or direction you could offer.

My email address is cashlock@usa.net.

THanks for any effort on my behalf.


[Host's Note: In Oct '95 we had a long thread "Mind-Expanding Reading
List" which mentioned many great readings. On the web, it starts with

Linkname: Learning-Org Oct 1995: Mind-expanding reading list LO3420
URL: http://world.std.com/~lo/95.10/0406.html

Or, you can search in Lycos or AltaVista for "mind expanding learning
org" and you'll find lots. ...Rick]


cashlock@usa.net (Christine Ashlock)

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