Cowboy metaphors for management LO6375
Sun, 31 Mar 96 15:37:01 -0600

Replying to LO6316 --

The cowboy metaphors are tooo glamorous. Management is much more
intellectual than being a drover! It is more like herding cats than sheep
or cows. :-)

Bill Fulkerson

> Scott used cowboy metaphors for management
> > Traditonal - Lots of wear and tear, imposed stress, sleepless nights,
> yelling and shooting -- but it works, you do get the cattle to their (final?)
> destination.
> >Another approach is to be at the front of the herd with some sweet
> feed (oats, barley, molasses etc. all mixed together) and toss it on
> the ground.
> I do not want to be one of your sheep on the sidelines but IMHO the
> problem is yellin and shootin is fun godammit. All cowboys know it is what
> all cowboys do which is why they all wanted to become cowboys in the first
> place and nobody got to be trail boss by tossin molasses. How do you get
> turkeys to vote for Christmas?


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